How To Set Up A Waste Tyre Recycling to Diesel Machine In South Africa

There are so many countries that can benefit from the ability to process rubber tires. Billions of these now occupy landfills across the world. There has never been a better way to dispose of these tires than through the pyrolysis process. Rubber tires are made of materials made from petrol, or oil, and these can be reconstituted into products that can run engines and also lubricate them. Additionally, charcoal is produced through this process. This is a product that is in high demand in many different locations. If you happen to be in South Africa, and you would like to set up a waste tyre to fuel recycling machine, this is what you can do to accomplish this task.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant
Beston Pyrolysis Plant in South Africa

What Is A Waste Tyre Recycling To Diesel Machine?

This is nothing more than a tyre pyrolysis machine in South Africa. It is going to take the tires that you have, convert them into base components, one of which is going to be biofuel. This fuel can be used in diesel engines, and since it is less expensive, many people are starting to use this combustible fuel instead of diesel fuel which is so much more costly. These can be small machines that will run through a couple of hundred tires a week, or you can set up an entire plant that can go through millions of them. Those that have access to landfills, or a constant supply of tires coming into their facility, can greatly benefit from these machines that will create diesel fuel. Green Beston Machinery in China is a reliable supplier of this machine whom you can rely on.

Are These Very Easy To Operate Or Not?

The process of using these is quite simplistic. They are designed that way. There will be a console which you could master in just a couple of hours. You will teach your workers to use them, as you will need a couple of them to monitor the system, but the majority of what it does is all automatic. The rubber tires must be chipped up, and subsequently sent into the pyrolysis reactor for the process. The reactor will be sealed. Air will be removed from the reactor and then the pyrolysis process will commence. Most people can learn how to use even the largest pyrolysis plants in under a day. You just need to find a company that is selling those that are well-designed and easy to operate.

Why Would You Want To Have One Of These In South Africa?

The main reason for setting one of these up in South Africa is that not that many people have them. However, there are enormous cities including Cape Town and Johannesburg which are producing millions of tires every year. If you can just get access to these waste tires, and set up your pyrolysis plant there, you can start to make a lot of money. Besides, a tyre recycling plant cost is affordable, especially when you find the right suppliers.

You would be doing the environment a favor by setting up a pyrolysis plant in South Africa. It would also give you the opportunity to have a very lucrative business that would last for many decades. Your only task is to find a reputable company that is creating these pyrolysis machines that are easy to operate. Once you are set up, and you start to make a profit, you may even want to expand to the many other locations in South Africa that can benefit from this type of recycling process.

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