Main Components Advantages of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

The waste paper resulting from paper making industries, already used newspapers and magazines, paper wrappings and used paper from offices find their way into the environment causing pollution. The waste paper, during waste management, can be separated from other wastes which go back into recycling to produce useful paper products.

One of the areas where the waste paper is recycled is in the egg tray making, a process that uses an egg tray making machine to produce egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays and other important products used for packaging. The automatic egg tray machine has been developed that produce high quality and high output of egg trays at a given specific time. These machines are suitable for large scale production industries.

An automatic egg tray machine can produce a maximum of between 5,000 and 6,000 pieces of egg trays within one hour making it highly efficient.

automatic egg tray machine
automatic egg tray machine

Main components of an automatic egg tray machine

1.Pulping system

This system consists of a paper feeder, hydraulic pulpier, water pump, pulp pump, a vibration screen and a pulp controller.

It is used to prepare the pulp that will be used in the egg tray making process by smashing the waste paper using a hydraulic pulpier and mixing it with water to form a consistent pulp stock.

2.Moulding system

This system consists of a vacuum tank, vacuum pump, air storage tank, shaping mould, forming mould, a controller, mould washer and an air compressor.

The vacuum pump is used in attaching the pulp onto the forming mould and also remove excess water from the mould.

The mould washer is used to remove the excess pulp from the forming system.
The air compressor will remove the excess die from the moulded product.

3.The conveying and drying system.

This system is composed of a moisture exhaust pipe, moisture exhaust chimney, air regulator, a controller, heat exchanger, air flux regulator and a packaging system.
The conveying and drying system ensures that the egg trays from the moulding system are dried and packaged after the process is completed. Click here to know more:

Working process of an automatic egg tray machine

A paper feeder feeds waste paper into the pulping system which is then smashed by a hydraulic pulpier into smaller pieces. These are then mixed with water from the water pump producing a pulp stock of 4% consistency. This is followed by addition of rosin sizing which will change the 4% consistency pulp stock into 1% consistency. The pulp stock is then passed via the vibration screen where waste paper that has not been pulped is removed from the stock. Using the pulp controller, the pulp stock is then pumped into the moulding system where a vacuum pump attaches the pulp onto the forming mould and also removes excess water from the pulp and pump it back into the pulping system for reuse. This forms wet egg trays that are then passed through the air compressor to remove excess dies from the trays. From the moulding system, he wet trays are passed into the drying system by use of the conveying system where hot air dries the wet trays as they slowly pass into the packaging system where they are automatically counted and packed.

paper egg trays

Advantages of using an automatic egg tray machine

I.It is easy to operate and maintain. This is because most of the processes are automated and thus does not require one to operate manually.

II.The machines are cheap since they do not require a lot of labour to operate and thus they reduce the costs required to run the whole process.

III.The energy required to run the machine is minimal since most of it is recycled from the drying system.

IV.Consumption of water for the pulping process is also reduced as the water from the vacuum pump is also recycled.

V.The price of obtaining an automatic egg tray machine is considerably fair.

VI.Apart from egg trays, the egg tray manufacturing machine can be used to produce other pulping products such as egg cartons and fruit trays by only changing the type of forming mould and pulp.
VII.The raw materials for the process are cheaply obtained from waste paper thus reducing the operational costs.

VIII.The productivity of the machine is high with quality products.

Significance of an automatic egg tray machine

•It helps reduce environmental pollution by recycling waste paper.
•The egg tray product has increased market demands due to the increasing demand for eggs.
•It reduces the number of trees that are cut down for paper products and thus maintain the ecosystem.

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