In this internet age, it is very easy to reach out to expert moving companies that will compete for your moving job as soon as they are contacted. In actuality, going online to fill a moving quote is very easy and would take you only a few clicks of the mouse using your laptop or desktop. Even on a mobile device it only requires a few tap of your finger. It takes less than a minute given the average time, to fill up a moving quote. For example, you can go online and check for Affordable movers in Rancho Cucamonga .


Once you have completed the form you are contacted by the moving experts and will probably speak with an expert mover. On the other hand, you might think that you are conversing about your move with a moving company while in fact, it might be a moving broker that is discussing with you. Hence, it's important that you are able to tell the difference between these moving companies and moving brokers. This is important especially when you have chosen to get that professional help with moving your household belongings. Your profound understanding of what separates these two real businesses will enable you to make the correct choice when deliberating on the service provider you want to use. Let us now make the comparative analysis of Moving Brokers and Moving Companies.


Differentiating Movers from Brokers


Moving brokers are not expert movers in the rationale that brokers are not accredited or licensed to move household belongings. This is for the reason that they don't have moving trucks, moving team, moving tools, or even packing materials. In actuality, moving brokers act as intermediaries between the person who is moving home and the moving company. The moving company operates as a business entity and will carry out the real transportation task. You can say that the brokers are trained sales personnel; they can make arrangement for the transportation of your domestic items. After that, they then pitch your booking to a real moving company, which will now, in turn, render you the services of actually moving your belongings.


Unlike brokers, moving companies have their own fleet of registered moving trucks and the necessary moving tools for the transport job. They can offer all the required packing supplies and have full-time experts with the required training to take care of all kinds of tasks that relate to the moving process. Respectable moving companies will send a professional to your house to do a visual house inventory and quote you an exact estimate of your moving cost. This is what a broker won't do. In addition, it gives you the chance to be able to talk with them in person about essential matters while you can also ask them questions about the planned move. Speaking with them in person can be more beneficial than relating to the moving broker through email or over the phone.



Dealing with a Moving Broker Has Its Risks and Challenges


From when you are making a booking for your move, you are highly advised to find out if they are a moving broker or a real moving company. If it happens that they are a brokering company, then you should be aware of the risks and challenges of engaging moving broker services. Here are some of them: Neither the broker nor the moving company will want to take responsibility should problems arise. They will make cost estimates might be way off the mark because it was done through email or over the phone without actually seeing your items. Before the moving period, the majority of them would require that you give them a huge deposit which doesn't necessarily go to the actual moving. Because they are brokers you do not get the prospect of researching your moving company to know if they are insured or have proper licensing.


A Moving Company Has Its Risk and Challenges Too


You need to be sure that you are aware of the kind of business they are into before you go ahead to signing that contract with them. If they are professionals, genuine and licensed, there are some risks and challenges that you can still face: These expert moving companies normally have a more constrained choice of routes that it covers, which can limit your moving options. The smaller moving companies most times are not able to offer you a full service, requiring you to seek additional expert help which will cost you more time and money. Let's Look At Our Concluding Thoughts on Moving Companies and Moving Brokers It is worth mentioning here that there are moving brokers in the industry that are respectable and are in legitimate business.


They still need to meet some accountabilities and necessities so that they can legally run their business. They have to be signed up to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are mandated to only use the moving companies that are also signed up with the FMCSA. Moving brokers are supposed to have a written contract with the moving companies they work with. A complete list of the companies they work with can be given to you if you request it.


Brokers should also give you an FMCSA copy that contains your rights and responsibilities after you move and another ready-to- move brochure. Brokers are also mandated by law to make their estimates on the particular tariff of the moving company that will be used for the actual transportation. The FMCSA has a search tool you can use to confirm that brokers and moving companies are registered with them.